True Windows

They say that the eyes are the windows to the soul. I have to disagree, I would say that it is the bookshelf that is the true window. I was looking at mine, both in  the real world  and the virtual ones on goodreads. I have realized something. My soul, my window is lacking. This needs to be in my opinion fixed.

My book case is filled with books by American and British authors. According to the U.N. there are 193 countries in the world. I know that this is not a complete list, but for now that is the one I have chosen to work off of.  My goal this year is to read on book from each of those countries. I need to have them translated into English as my language skill is sorely lacking. What I am going to be looking for are novels, biographies or memoirs.

I am hoping to be able to start on the first of the year, and reach my goal by the last day of December. I could go on this adventure silently, without involving anyone but close family. However, I do realize that for this task I am going to need help. I am going to need help in finding books, in recommendations, in accountability. I realize that I am going to want to share what I have discovered about a place, a culture, a history and a story.

Me being me I would love to start off and try to go alphabetically through the list. What list? This is the list that I am going to be using it is from the United Nations, and that is the link to the page.

Now, the next step is picking out my first book.


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