Last Rituals (Iceland)


Last Rituals by Yrsa Sigurdardottir was my look into Iceland. This is one of the countries that I would one day like to visit in real life. The pictures that I see of the country side just amaze me, and I would love to take my camera and see what I can get there.

My goal in reading the world is to learn something about each country that I happen to read about. I did learn something about the religious history of Iceland and about the witch trials there. I did not know that in Iceland that more men were accused, and killed then women.  I did not know about the Irish Monks and their caves, in fact I am going to have to do a bit of looking into on them.

A few things I liked about the book.  The author did not within the first few pages tell us who the killer is, it is not until the last chapter that is reviled. I like that in a mystery I do not want to know the “who did it” right from the start. I also did not figure out who the killer was, that for me is a bonus! What is the point in reading a mystery when it is easy to solve.

I did have a hard time liking both the main characters in the book. Thora, the lawyer did not come across as the heroin. She was childish, rude, and shallow. Matthew, the private security was just creepy.

One of the things about the book that really bothered me was the focus on appearance. I do not know if this is cultural or just something that the author is very interested in. Thora, makes fun of her secretary because she is over weight.”. . .so huge she has her own center of gravity.” Matthew, makes fun of Thora’s winter wear, and everyone who is not a friend of the murder victim comments on his appearance. His is a bit unconventional, but having spent the last few years hanging out with people who are into body modification I did not see that as strange at all. I was rather offended in this aspect of the book. I do hope that it is more of the author coming through on that then the people of Iceland.


“His great achievement was to wake up in the morning in the first place.”



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