The Ice Queen (Germany)



The Ice Queen by Nele Neuhaus is my read for Germany. I know this is my second mystery but I was in the mood for that type of story.

When I read this book some of the personal interactions between the detectives did not make much sense to me. Then I found out that the books are not being translated in order and this is actually the third one in the set. That is ok for this book. There is just a little of the past that is missing, but it could also be seen as a stand alone.

In the book there is no record of the year that this is to have taken place, now if I wanted to I could do the math, I don’t.  I bring this up because if the book is to have taken place when it was written then I learned that Germany is still very much affected by World War II. There are Nazi and old weapons and secrets from the war. I am not in a position to judge on how much a war effects a place and the memories of the people that live there. I did find it interesting how the author tied them all together.

In all the characters of the book my favorite had to be Pia Kirckhoff. She is the one who while not seeming to have a great grasp on who the killer was, had the best grasp on reality. Her observations about live for the different classes that are represented in the book was wonderful. Her understanding of the people close to her was refreshing.

One thing about the book that I did find a bit annoying was that everyone had a secret. I mean EVERYONE, and none of them were stated from the first. They came about later. There was also the relationship between the one couple that kind of creeped me out. They are both adults, it is just that they are related.


“He hurried to lower his head again and cursed his faith, which made him a captive of his acquired moral standards.”

“The carelessly prepared food, the loss of individuality, the lass then satisfactory care by surly and chronically overworked staff members who never had time for personal conversations- a life shouldn’t have to end like that.”


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