The Fall (Brazil)


The Fall A Fathers Memoir in 424 Steps by Diogo mainardi. This was to have been a memoir about a father and a son with cerebral palsy. It was a very short book, each section had a number from one to 424. Some of the sections were a paragraph or two some were just a sentence.

After I read the book and then went on Goodreads to read the reviews, I think I got a different book then what other people out there had read. To me this book just seemed to focus on art history. Who designed and built the hospital that Tito was born in, who painted pictures of it, and what other works that they did.

The parts of the book that I found most interesting were the parts where the author quoted articles that he wrote about his son. I wish that the book had been filled with those. They would have made much more interesting reading.

One thing that struck me about the book was  that the author did not listen to his wife. When the were walking up to the hospital she wanted the birth do be someplace else as she had “a bad feeling”. He of course insisted that the baby be born there. While the doctor was at fault in the birthing process, the author then goes on to blame everyone else in connection with the hospital for the mistake that led to his son’s cerebral palsy. I am rambling.

I did not get any good quotes out of this book, and so the one listed is one of the lines that he repeated several times in the book.


“That’s what Tito’s story is like: Circular.”


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