Monsoon Diary (India)


The full title of this books is Monsoon Diary a Memoir with Recipes by Shoba Narayan. With this book should come the warning ‘DO NOT READ IF YOU ARE HUNGERY!” OMG all the food that she wrote about, and all of the recipes in there. I was going to make some but I took the book back to the library before I could. That was my mistake.

I have to explain something before I get started on my thoughts on this book. I had ordered another book from the library to be my India book, then I found this one while browsing. So, I have decided that as India is a big place I will read two books for it. Now, that that is said on to what I thought about the book.

This book covers the authors life from eating first foods to marriage, and each story has its own recipe. She talks about street food, food her mom cooked, items her grandmother made and all of it sounds so tasty.

I read this about a week ago and I honesty do not remember much on her life growing up. I do remember that her marriage was arranged, but not in the way that I would have thought. Her family picked out someone for her to meet, and if they did not get along the family would keep looking. Ram, her future husband lives here in the United States, and they formed a friendship before getting married.  From everything that we here in the news, I had assumed that all the arraigned marriages were forced.

Shoba, at the time of her marriage was an adult. She had gone to college, spent time here in the States. She was in no way a child. This is something else that we hear in the news. I did not know that there were also arranged adult marriages.


“There is a Tamil word, paasam, which refers to bonds of blood that are nurtured by time into a irrational, all-consuming love.”

“The most important thing when traveling by train in India is not the location of our seat, whether you have confirmed tickets or even your destination. The crucial element is the size of your neighbor’s tiffin carrier.”


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