In a Forest, a Deer (India)


Yes, I know I already read a book for India, but this one is short stories and fiction and India is a big country. In a Forest, a Deer by Ambai was an amazing read. This group of short stories in one way or another was all about journeys.

The journeys were all over the place, some were emotional, physical, coming of age, and spiritual. There was even a story about death and suicide, that was a sad one.

Most of the stories in this book feature female protagonists, however one really surprised me. That one titled “One and Another” is about a gay couple and the remembrances of the surviving partner. This is a sad one.

At times the stories had a fable type read to them, others abstract, but in each one there was something. That is what makes short stories so hard, if one finds a set of great stories there is not enough space to talk about them all.

In these religion or spirituality plays a big roll, there is always the mention of one god or another. The neat thing was, they were included in a way that fit each story and not shoved down your throat like authors who put Christ in their books have a tendency to do.


“‘Whoever is by your side, it is you alone who must die,’ Arulan replied.” -One and Another

“All she looked for were only small miracles.” –  Glow

“She wondered why something that seemed perfectly all right when done by a man seemed like an act of madness when done by a woman instead?” – Unpublished Manuscript


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