It is a BIG world

When I started this little project of mine, I knew that there were going to be some challenges. Deciding on what country to read, picking a book, reading the book, and then blogging about it. There were a few things that I did not take into account. One that totally surprised me and one that I should have thought of.

The one that surprised me was the library. I knew I would have to do inter library loans and I knew that these would take a while to get to me, IF it was even possible to borrow the book I wanted to read. What I did not realize, and I should have looked into this, is that there is a number limit on the holds and loans I can get. That limit is four. What this means is that I can have three inter library books on hold, and one checked out. That is my four. This is putting me behind in my reading. I can and sometime read a book a night at work, and I only try to read at work. This is three books a week. Sometimes I only have one book to read, because that is all that has come in to the library. Just one, then sometimes I have a week where nothing comes in or all four at once.  In the words of Charlie Brown ‘AAARRRGGHH!!”

The one that I should have thought of are big countries. Africa is not a big country it is a continent. The big countries are Australia, Canada, and the US. I am currently reading  a book for Canada, and I will pick one for Australia, however I will not be choosing one for the U.S. I have lived all over the U.S and I know that each region while the same is very different, I am going to assume that is the same with Australia and Canada. So for next year I will read one book for each state or province. More reading!!

Tonight while I am awake I am going to try and plan out my next 20 books. That way I can get them ordered, and if need be purchase them.


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