Last night I can to the conclusion that if I am going to be able to get though the world in a year, I need to quit goofing off and get busy. So far my reading has been sporadic, and when I finally realized how hard it was going to get books I decided to get serious.

What I did was make a list of all of the countries that start with the letters “A”, and “B” this was the easy part. Then I started book hunting, I do not have contacts with publishers so I do not have the ease of setting off an email and asking for advice. Nope, I had to Google it. It took about 5 hours to pick out all of the books that I want to read from Albania to Burundi.

So now I have a master list, and can work through this in a much more organized manner. I am still going to have to do a lot of inter library loans, and buy some of the more obscure books, but now I have a place to start.

I have four coming from my local library and four coming from the inter library system. That should give me a good start here for the next two weeks.


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