The Coyote Kings at the Space-Age Bachelor Pad

First off I need to apologize that for this book there is not a photograph to go with the review. My laptop has died and is currently in the hands of a Techno-Cleric to see if it can be resurrected. If not then he is going to try and do a memory swap, so I can clone the information later. Translated-it is in the repair shop, hopeful it can be fixed.

This book was read for Canada, and I got it before I realized that to do Canada justice I would have to read a book for each providence.

The Coyote Kings of the Space-Age Bachelor Pad by Minister Faust, was such a fun book to read. I would sit and giggle as I read this one, and if I were in a coffee shop or at work people would look at me strange. Then I had a hard time telling them what I was laughing about.

Each of the main characters in this book has a character sheet, and if like me you are a nerd or have played an RPG before you know what one is. I loved this, it gave a brief overview of each person, and what their voice was like. Character development in this book was amazing. The plot was a little on the odd/weak side but the characters more than made up for that. One thing that took me a bit to get my head around was that the chapters would switch voices. There would be there or four chapters from Hamza’s point of view then a few from Yehats.

Other than saying this was a fun book I did not learn much about the culture in Canada but that is OK. I am going to need these fun book as so many books seem to be focused on war.


“I mean, that is simultaneously amazing and depressing. Monuments defaced by fossils.”

“I’m not saying Hamza’s cheap but if the only thing standg in between our solar system and a fleet of intergalactic en slavers was Hamza’s wallet crunched inside his fist, we’d all be drilling methane wells on Pluto right now.”

“But out here, no one hears it anyway. Not even the stars.”

“Human History is nothing but a pyramid of pain, topped with the capstone of ecstasy and epiphany for the most highly evolved.”



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