Swords of Ice (Turkey)

I have found out what is wrong with my laptop, the motherboard is fried. That means until I have the money to get a new computer I am going to be using public ones, or borrowing one where I can. My partner said that I can use hers but I seem to have a problem logging on to that one.

There is not a link to this book as I could not find one on Powell’s site.

Swords of Ice by Latife Tekin is the book that I read for Turkey. She is one of their most popular authors. From my point of view I am not sure why. I should be a bit more kind as this is the only book of hers that I have read. It is just not in a style that works for me, and what does not work for me can work for someone else.

When I read up on this book it said that it was about a man Halilhan and his Volvo. The car was to be the starting point for his company, and that this book was bout getting that company to be a working one. I am not sure if that happened or not. To be honest I am not sure what happened in the book at all. I know that Halilhan chased women, he thought his car had a soul, and his friend Gogi was looking for love. I don’t know if any of the goals were reached.

When my Partner asked me what reading the book was like I said “it’s like reading an abstract painting, painted by an impressionist.” As a side note I have always thought that impressionist needed glasses.

I did not find any of the characters in this book to be likeable, that might be because I could not understand what their goals were. I would welcome an explantion if someonse has one.


‘”Jealousy drives people to create an imaginary werewolf in the family,” Halilhan told Gogi.’

“The overhauling of the Volvo crated a tension that bode ill for the whole neighborhood.”

“The souls of the poor know and understand each other as no others can.”


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