The Good Muslim (Bangladesh)

The Good Muslim by  Tahmima Anam was the book that I chose for Bangladesh. I honestly do not know much about the country, and I had to google it to find where in the world it was. But that is the whole point of my reading project to find and discover and learn.

There is a lot of stuff in the news about Muslims these days, and this is not about that.

In the book there is a war where a Dictator has won freedom for the country. Soon after that Maya returns home, hoping that life will go on has it had before the war. Told in two different decades it shows how choices can change and effect lives.

While I felt for Maya, her brother and her mom the character that I was most interested in was a little boy named Zaid. Oh, did I feel for this child. At age 6 he had no friends, no mother, and his father at best was at a lose on what to do. He was pushed aside to be dealt with later. It was Zaid, that brought me to tears. That and the realization that there are many more children like that in the world. I do not give out spoilers, and I only talk about how the book affected me. This is one that I will not soon forget.

One of the notes that I wrote about this book was that I had to “come up for air.”


“Her broken wishbone of a country was thirteen years old.”

“They put their memories away as best they could, and they wipes the traces of blood from their hands and from the hems of their saris.”

“But she could not bring herself to step inside, because of the boys on the roadside, and all the things she had witnessed, committed in the name of God.”


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