Asleep in The Sun (Argentina)

I still have no computer, so there is not going to be a picture to go with this post.

For Argentina I read Asleep in the Sun by Adolfo Bioy Casares. What an odd little book. The outside said that it was a humorous novel I think my sense of humor is not like everyone else. I did not find this amusing in definition of the word.

First there was the old lady Ceferina, why did he keep her around? She did not like Diane the wife, she was mean to everyone who came over. What was her point in the story?

Reading this book was like trying to read someone’s slow decent into madness, without there being a madness involved. It was some what like Invasion of The Body Snatchers (great movie). It was not until I was driving home and talking to my partner about the book that  she pointed out some things to me.

This was set at the time of Evita and that this might have been the authors way of coping with the dissaperances that were occurring.  Imagin waking up and finding your neighbors gone. Just gone, and someone new living in their home. She pointed out to me that in some weird twisted way, this might be what the author was trying to write about. While trying not to get “disappeared” himself.


“I’m amazed at the way people loathe pity.”

‘”Didn’t you ever realize that one loves people for their shortcomings?” I shouted at him like a wild man.



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