In The Darkness (Norway)

For Norway I picked up a mystery called In the Darkness by Karin Fossum. I am not sure what to say about it other than I really am starting to enjoy the Scandinavian mystery writers.

This one was not as dark as some of the others that I read, but I did have to wonder if the Detective would have solved the crime without a confession. It was interesting the way that  a what I thought of as a secondary character became one out in the for front. As this is a mystery I cannot tell much about the book as I do not want to give anything away.

One of my favorite things about this book was the place names. I just loved that. It was not even the names of the towns and cities. It was the names of the neighborhoods, what  in America would be the subdivision. Instead of having Pine Vale or Timberland, there was Oscarsborg, and Trollguten. Those are awesome names. Oscar was my grandfathers name and well, the troll thing is just cool.


“‘No,’ Eva giggled, ‘but somebody’s got to take the trouble to emphasize the depths of existence. So that the rest of you have a surface to skate over.'”


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