The Zanzibar Chest (Africa)

When I was looking at books to read for countries, I came across The Zanzibar Chest by Aiden Hartly and found that it was mostly associated with the country of Burundi. That turned out to be a lie. There are only five pages of this book that specifically talk about Burundi, and that in passing.

This book was about war in Africa, in fact the title of this post should be The Zanzibar Chest (War). I just wanted to let people out there know I am still reading, but it was not what I thought it was going to be. Now I have to find a new book for Burundi.

I did get some good quotes out of this book so I will share those.


“I felt hunted by time.”

“I saw ti as a rite of passage on the road to some kind of truth.”

“I tried to ignore the anonymous masses for so long, but in the end they all have come back to haunt me: the refuges, the injured, the starving, and the dead. And each and everyone has a name.”


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