When my son was little and he had a problem that he could not solve he would yell “STUCK!” at the top of his lungs, and that is where I am stuck. There is a little state called Andorra it is in the  Mountains between France and Spain. I thought that I had found a book for that country, and when it finally showed up from the library right on the face page it states that it is not about Andorra at all.

Now, I know I do not have a lot of readers or followers, but I am putting this out there, so that if anyone knows a book about Andorra, a work of fiction, that has been translated into English, and that I can get a copy of to read. That information would be wonderful to have. Now I have looked at blogs of people who are doing this project and the book that they show are written by Andorrans, but are not about Andorra.

So any help in the right direction would be wonderful.



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