Return of the Water Spirit (Angola)

It is amazing what people see in books. When I read Return of the Water Spirit by Pepetela I read a book that was a bit about politics, a bit about gaming, a lot about the end of things, and how the Earth will reclaim its self. However, when I read the reviews of this book it was all about political stuff and war. I know that our perceptions change how an individual reads or sees something so I can only think that I am missing something here.

The book is about a man who plays video games all day, a woman who has political ambitions, and a land reclaiming its self. I suppose that all of this can be seen as political. I however read it as an environmental book. Humans have made the Earth the way they want it to be, and the Earth is going back to what it was.

For me the characters in this book were a little shallow, a little one dimensional. When I put the book down I was cheering more for the land then for the people. I was more concerned about what was going to happen to the bay, then I was if the people in the story had a place to sleep that night.

Would I read this one again probably not, would I tell someone not to read it. No. It was worth diving into.


“The problem is that things are never as clear cut as we would like them to be.”

“Useless,  because it is like the song: one only hears it when it is too late.”


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