Tour de Armenia (Armenia)

This book for me was great on two points. First it was a wonderful read, second I to cycle. That means that when I found out about this book I had to read it. Tour de Armenia was written by Raffi Youredjin, and it was fun to read. The other thing this book had me to do was google a lot of things. I did have to google things, most often public works of art, that turn out to be amazing. It makes me want to go and see them, to find them, and photograph them.

From what the author said in this book, most of the people that he encountered thought that he was crazy for bicycling across Armenia. It sounded like he had so much fun and such an adventure. He went to unexpected parties, found friends in strange places.

The one bad thing about reading books like this is that I am left with questions. One from this book in particular. What happened to Manoug? I would love to know if this young man is doing well, if he is still riding a bike. I know that it is not possible to know the story of every person in the world, but I would love to know more about how he is doing.


“Planes, trains, and cars  move to quickly, and it becomes easy to miss to much along the way. I’ve found it is better to earn your destinations.”

“I calmed him down and said, ‘Don’t worry, God loves bicycles.'”

“A toy or a sweet is inconsequential. It’s your time and positive influence you have on someone that makes a difference in people lives.”

“Even the most difficult terrain is quickly forgotten on a nice down hill ride.”



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