Oh Gad! (Antigua)

I read this so long ago that I had to do a refresher on the book. Oh Gad! by Joanne Hillhouse is a book about discovering who you are, and who your family is. This book covers misconceptions of who a person is and who we see them as.

It is not a book where it is all happy and better at the end, life is not a sit-com and this book shows that. There are real raw feelings present in here, and at times I wondered if some of the situations could have been avoided with better communication skills.

The protagonist Nikki made some choices that, at the time she made them, I could see that they were going to be bad choices. If this character were a real person, I would say this is how people grow, and learn not to make the same mistakes.

One thing I love about reading around the world is that I have to Google things. For this book I Googled something called a coal pot. They are very cool looking, and the author describes how they are made, and how the people who make them by hand are slowly being phased out as modern stoves come to the island.


“If you’d delude, yourself, you’d delude anyone.”


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