The Fledgling (Bahama)

OMG, this was such a cute little book. I do not know why more people don’t have it on their radar to read. I do know that it is hard to find, but with inter library loans it should not be that hard.

The Fledgling by Chester Thompson, tells the story of a boy who spends his early years on an island without power, telephones, or any other modern continence. The book starts out with his birth, and continues until he leaves the Island for a new life.

The town that he lived in was called Hope Town, and he ran all over it like a boy should. After a few years he went to live with an aunt and uncle, and the way it was described I thought he was being sent off the island, not just a half a mile away. It was his aunt that created his love for books, but she did it with out knowing. Her first husband was a teacher, and for punishment he was locked in a closet, with all of the books. While she thought he was being punished he was exploring new worlds.

Living on the sea there was death in the book. However, I am one who thinks that we need to face and openly talk about death and not hide it. I found this to be very refreshing. One thing that he did tell about in the book was they time he and a friend decided to become thieves. They were going to steal watermelons from a farmer. I wont tell you what happened but it did have me chuckling.


“Remember, there is an advantage in every disadvantage, if you look for it.” he said.


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