Factory of Tears (Belarus)

I will admit that this book breaks my self imposed rules, this is not a work of fiction or a memoir. This is a book of poetry. Factory of Tears is written by Valzhyna Mort, I just love her name.

This is a book where the English translation is on the facing page of the Belarusian. I loved this, as I love seeing how one language compares to English, and Belarusian is biased on Cyrillic it is beautiful.

One of the things that I read over and over about the author is that while her written poetry is amazing, her spoken word is even better. I am one who always thought that poetry should be read aloud with the tones, and inflections that the author hears in their voice when writing.

This slim volume covers many subjects marriage, music, books, and family just to name a few. The poem titled “In memory of a book” was my absolute favorite. The last poem is where the book gets its title, the poem is called Factory of Tears, and it speaks of crying until there are callouses on the eyes. It struck me as sad, and yet hopeful.


” And light up the candles of our TV sets” for A.B

“This isn’t how you glue a broken cup” marriage

“Everything belongs to me but hope” Music of Locusts


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