Annie John (Antigua and Barbuda)

Annie John¬†written by Jamaica Kincaid had me at the first sentence. I suppose that this book could be called a “coming of age” story. When the book starts Annie John is 10 and on the last pages of the book she is a young adult. This book focuses on the relationship that she has with her mother and is written in a clear and concise language that I found refreshing.¬† Sure there is more to this book teachers, friendships, stealing if you can call it that. There is the gap of growing up and learning different world views then that of a parent.

I did not learn a lot of the history of the Island however, I did get to read a bit about the conflict of old and new. One parent believed in modern medicine the other in the Obeah women. I do believe that some healing is spiritual I know it will not get rid of a cold or help appendicitis, however I do know that for some stresses the peace that a person gets from the routine of a religious ceremony can help.


“For a short while during the year I was ten, I thought only people I did not know died.”

“After reading a book, whether I liked it or not, I couldn’t bear to part with it.”

“My unhappiness was something deep inside me when I closed my eyes I could even see it.”