Alys By Kiri Callaghan


First a disclaimer: I know Kiri, however she does not know that I am writing this review. Knowing Kiri I also know that she would want my honest opinion, and not some fluff that I were to write just to make her happy.

Many people who will read this book will see the Alice in Wonderland\Midsummer Night’s Dream theme in it. I loved all of the Shakespeare references in this book, they tied in very well with the world that had been built to tell the story. The blending of the Fae and of the dream world fit seamlessly. Her idea of what the Fae world looks like sounds like somewhere I would want to go for a vacation.

I am not so sure about Terra Mirum, that is the land that Alys goes to where she meets the prince Oswin, Smoke, Robin, and a few others. I would like to know more about the characters of Smoke and Robin, from what little we find out about them, I bet they had a most fascinating life in the Fae. I want to know how Robin met Basir, how Smoke got away from the Fae.

I should talk a bit about Alys and Oswin, but I am not sure that I can without giving away the plot of the book. Oswin comes into his own in this book, but he has more room to grow. Alys seems to be about the age of 19 or 20 when all of this takes place and she overcomes much in this book.

I do have a confession to make – I read Alice in Wonderland and did not like it. I tried to read Through the Looking Glass and managed to get just a few chapters into it but they are not my favorite.  I read Alys in a day and enjoyed it very much. This book has a subtitle that included the word “Chronicles,” that means there will be more. I want them out now so I can read them now.


“When you know where you’re going, you’re almost certain to get there sooner or later. However, when you’re lost, you never know what you’ll find! It could be quite an adventure.”

“Desperation makes fools of us all, my dear.”



An Update With a Small Change

Just a few words for an update, yes I am still here. I have hit a reading slump, and to get out of that I have to read a few fun things while I work on getting my next book. I want to read one from Azerbaijan this is proving to be very difficult to find the one that I want to read.  I want to read The Dream of Death by Vagif Sultanly and I am going to have to order it.

What this means at least for me is that I am going to have to read a few books that I have had on my list for a while and read those to get out of this reading funk. I have decided that I will blog about the books that I read to get out of this funk here as well.

The other good news is that I have gotten a new computer so I can start posting photos of the book that I take! I am so excited about being able to do that again. My goal is to have one book finished and blogged about by Wednesday.