Dewey’s Readathon

Today is the April Dewey’s readathon, it is also International Table Top Gaming day, and my cousins birthday. This is my third year of doing the readathon and I am a bit out of it. On Thursday it was discovered that I have pneumonia.

The last few time I have done the readathon I have kept up every hour on the hour. This time sitting up is wearing me down. This will be a post that I add to as the day goes on. Right now I am reading The Devil You Know by Mike Carey. I should have it done in a few more hours.

But first a mini challange this one is run by Bart over at Bart’s Bookshelf. This is called Show Us the Weather.

DSCF7953.JPG I am taking a short break from reading, So far today I have read. Plain Jane’s, Jane’s in Love, Tom’s Midnight Garden, and The Devil You Know. My next book is going to be In the Sanctuary of Outcasts a non fiction one. I am hoping to get through this tonight then I will only have 2 books from the library left to read. Not to worry, I do plan on writing reviews for each of these books.

This next challenge is by Reading Women, they also run a wonderful podcast about women authors and their books. Meet Dobby my German Shepard and Alys by Kiri Callaghan. DSCF7963.JPG

Just got done watching Doctor Who, and I don’t know if I should keep going or go to bed. Having pneumonia is awful. My brain is screaming at me “DO ALL THE THINGS!” however, after getting up off the couch to get some water all I want is a nap.


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