Tom’s Midnight Garden

Tom’s Midnight Garden by Philippa Pearce has been on my TBR list for a while. After I read The Secret Garden I have had a thing for hidden garden books.

Tom is sent away to stay with an aunt and uncle while his brother recovers from the mumps. FYI this was written in 1958 and won the Carnegie Medal from the Library Association. The house that Tom’s aunt and uncle live in has been converted into flats and there is not a garden to play in.

This is a time slip book there Tom can slip back in time to play in the original garden and meet the a few of the people who live there. It is cute, a bit preachy, and very much has the ideas of the 1950’s written into the book . I borrowed this one from the library and did not take a picture of it before I took it back.

I would get this book for a small child my son would have read it in first grade, however it is written for someone with a 5th grade reading level.


Plain Jane’s and Plain Jane’s In Love

These are the two books that I picked for the shorter reads for the readathon. Both Plain Jane’s and Plain Jane’s In Love were written by Cecil Castellucci and Jim Rugg.

There is  Jane, Theater Jane, Brain Jane, and Polly Jane.  These books are about a group of high school students who plain and carry out “art attacks” on the town. Jane has a motive for doing this she survived something terrible and her mother has become a recluse because of that. This is her way of trying to heal her mother.

Each book is short, sweet and made me wish that I had been in that group at school. Just go and read them.

The Devil You Know

This is a blog post for a book I read for the Dewey’s 24 Hour Readathion.

Mike Carey wrote the Lucifer and Unwritten comic also wrote The Devil You Know.  This book is about Felix Castor or Fix as he is known to his friends. Fix is an exorcist an unofficial exorcist, the official ones are with the church. He takes on what should be the simple job of removing a ghost from an archive. If it were simple this would not have been a book.

What I most enjoyed about this book is the world building.  The setting was the modern world but one where ghosts have come back to haunt or not haunt the world. I love the explanation of what a Loup-Garou was and why they used the French term for the phenomenon. It is one that I hope that Mr. Carey keeps writing in.

The reason I picked this one to read is that if you were to go on my Goodreads books to read list you would see over 200 books. So my goal when I am not reading a book a round the world I plan on trying to get through this list. However, today I added another book. Shush it looks good.