The Devil You Know

This is a blog post for a book I read for the Dewey’s 24 Hour Readathion.

Mike Carey wrote the Lucifer and Unwritten comic also wrote The Devil You Know.  This book is about Felix Castor or Fix as he is known to his friends. Fix is an exorcist an unofficial exorcist, the official ones are with the church. He takes on what should be the simple job of removing a ghost from an archive. If it were simple this would not have been a book.

What I most enjoyed about this book is the world building.  The setting was the modern world but one where ghosts have come back to haunt or not haunt the world. I love the explanation of what a Loup-Garou was and why they used the French term for the phenomenon. It is one that I hope that Mr. Carey keeps writing in.

The reason I picked this one to read is that if you were to go on my Goodreads books to read list you would see over 200 books. So my goal when I am not reading a book a round the world I plan on trying to get through this list. However, today I added another book. Shush it looks good.


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