My Grandmother Asked Me to Tell you She’s Sorry

My Grandmother Asked Me to Tell You Shes Sorry

This is the first book that I have read by Fredrik Backman, and I cannot wait to read more. My Grandmother Asked Me to Tell You She’s Sorry was not what I expected it to be. I honestly thought when I read the cover blurb that this book was more about fantasy, and we were going to find out that her grandmother was a fairy godmother.

I picked this book for our book club to read and the reviews on it were mixed, a few people could not get past the simple language or the style that it was written in. I believe that they said “adults should never try to write as a child”. When I picked this I wanted something light and fun, we have been reading some very heavy stuff and it was a nice change.

I did not know that this book was not English in origin and the book had a very British feel to me. I was not alone in this the language of the book was one of the things we spent some time on in our discussion.

Back to Grandmother in a way she was a fairy godmother, at least to those around her and how she effected their lives. In the book there was one character that I did not like that was Britt-Marie. I did feel sorry for her, but I did not like her.

This book was well worth the read it was enjoyable, light, and just a bit stressful. The grandmother told amazing stories. It was a stories about stories in stories.




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