The Bell Witch

The Bell Witch: An American Haunting

I first heard the story of The Bell Witch on the podcast Lore. If you like spooky strange Lore is a great podcast. So one night when I could not sleep I was looking at audio books. When I can’t sleep if I find the right story it will short out my brain, and  let me sleep. As I was perusing the library for an audio book I found a version of the Bell Witch written by Brent Monahan .

To be entirely honest if I read this I might not have finished it. The book it written in a letter style, a father writing to his daughter, to tell her the story of her mother and how the haunting effected her family.

If you do a search on the Bell Witch it is debated on whether this haunting is a true story or not. Either way it has been around for years, and it is still a point of interest in Tennessee.

Other then the podcast this is the only version of this story that I have read. I do not know if the ending is anywhere near what really happened or not. It was amazing to listen to. I am going to start listening to more audio books, my office is moving and I am going to become a super commuter.


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