Cannery Row

Cannery Row

Cannery Row by John Steinbeck is a classic in American literature, and if this had not been for the book club I would have quit reading it a few chapters in. First I had to look up some raciest words I had not heard before. So, I will admit that it was neat knowing that a raciest word that was common when the book was written was falling out of use.

When the book club met to talk about this everyone was talking about how funny the book was, and how it stood the test of time.  I sometimes wonder if people like things because they are supposed to like things, like this book.

I don’t even want to review it, but I have never liked what little of Steinbeck that I have read.


Love Letter to Jane’s World

Love Letters to Janes World

OMG y’all I love Jane! Love Letter to Jane’s World by Page Braddock is just amazing. This is a collection of the Jane’s World comic from the past twenty years. I have been reading Jane’s World for years.  Jane’s World was one of the first lesbian comics to be picked up by major publishers. Go Page!

I first found her by accident and after a few panels I was hooked. This woman who was just trying to live her life, and the things that got thrown her way were sometimes very realistic and sometimes just out there. When I have a bad day I know there is something in this strip that will make me feel better.

I know this is short but how do you tell about love found and lost, turning into a rabbit, alien abductions, parades, pets, coffee shops, jeeps, handbooks, therapy, and more in just a blog post. It is just not possible. You can find her strip online or get the books. I have the books and read online. I have heard that Ms. Braddock after twenty years is moving on to writing other books. Good for her, but I will miss Jane, and Rusty.  Thank the internet for archives.

Coffee and Jane’s World is a good way to start the day.

Jurassic Park

Jurassic Park

Jurassic Park by Michael Crichton is one of those book that I should have read a long time ago. Is it better than the movie? In some ways yes, in others no.

If you have seen the movie then then you know what the story is about, a tech company that with some DNA recreates dinosaurs on an island. What could go wrong? Right!

Some of the differences that I noticed where minor and had to do with real tech not fictional tech. The other difference that I noticed where the ages of the children, I did not like Lexi in the book.

There is not much to say about this as a lot of people have seen the movie. So read the book. It was good.


March the series

March: Book OneMarch: Book TwoMarch: Book Three

March Book One , Book Two and Book Three by Senator John Lewis.

I heard about this series and I thought that if they have one at the library I would get it and see what the hype was all about. The hype was worth it.

March starts out at Obama’s inauguration and through flash backs tells the life story of Senator Lewis, but it is so much more than that. It tells the history from the inside of part of the Civil Rights Movement.

While I am sure that some of the events had been toned down for younger readers these books did not pull any punches. The fear, the anger, the violence, and the deaths were all in there.

I have to say thank you Senator Lewis for these fine books.

Furiously Happy

Furiously Happy: A Funny Book about Horrible Things

This book was picked by my book club for some light reading after a very intense book. I enjoyed Furiously Happy by Jenny Lawson. I got this book on audio and she narrated her own story.

This is her second book this first one Lets Pretend This Never Happened was a bit better but I think that is the way it goes with second books. I listened to the first as an audio book as well, and she is again the narrator.

The focus of these books are her mental illness and how she manages them. They are also about her family, and life. How becoming famous has effected her and how she deal with that. She brings up some very good points on how people view illness compared to mental illness. I would like to be able to say that I do not know how she feels when her disease takes over her life, but that would be a lie. There were parts of this book where I knew exactly what she was talking about, and going through.

She also talks about her rheumatoid arthritis, and how she manages to that as well. If you have never read anything by her I would recommend checking out her blog to start, or her twitter feed. Then go on to read her first book, the second one will not make much  sense without that background.

All Fall Down

All Fall Down


All Fall Down by Jennifer Weiner was part of a book exchange that I did a few months ago. This is a book about a woman and her addiction to prescription pain killers.  This must not have been an easy book to write, there is so much information on this topic out on there, it must have been hard to limit what she wrote about.

Unfortunately, that is something that can be seen in this book. If I am going to be honest this book made me angry. Very angry, Allison the main character had the ‘poor me, whine, whine” attitude, her husband was an ass, the kid was a snot, her mother was a raging alcoholic, and none of her friends were sober. Allison enabled her daughters attitude, catered to her mother and husband, and let her friends run all over her. This woman needed to learn that “no” is a complete sentence.

I also have to say that coming from a family of alcoholics and addicts I have no sympathy at all. I know that this also affects my reaction to the book, and I did try to read it knowing that this is a reality for thousands of people out there. I just watched Allison’s choices and wanted to tell her to get her head out of her posterior.

A Day in the Life of Marlon Bundo

Last Week Tonight With John Oliver Presents A Day in the Life of Marlon Bundo


While A Day in the Life of Marlon Bundo by Jill Twiss appears to be a children’s book about a boy bunny who falls in love with another boy bunny. It is more than that. For adults it has a political feel to it that is very much based on things that are in the news.

There is a bug who runs the yard, and looks like someone who is in the news a lot right now. All of the creatures gather together to find out why he is in charge and what they can do about it.

While the art work if very kid friendly, adults who read this book will definitely recognize some of the characters in here as people who are in the news. There is not a lot to say about this book without giving  the plot way, but it is well worth borrowing from the library to read.