Ichiro by Ryan Inzana was a library find. I love when I can take the time to wander the library and see what I can find and this one is a treasure.

Ichiro is born in America, and his mother decides that it is time to move back to Japan. There Ichi stays with his grandfather while mom looks for a place to live. He is taken to the Hiroshima museum where he questions his who is a hero, and who is a bad guy.

The thing that I loved about this book it that it introduced me to Japanese gods and goddesses. Their creation myth, as an American I happen to believe that we miss so much being as isolated as most of us in the US are.

I know that this might create some backlash but ask yourself, how well do you know other cultures, and what they belive.


What I Talk About When I Talk About Running (Japan)


With the long title of What I Talk About When I Talk About Running by Haruki Murakami I expected a rather long book. That is not what I got, I got a deep book. I do not read reviews on a book before I read them. I read them afterwards to see if others thought the same thing about the books. In this case, out of the few that I read, I was the only one who found the book more philosophical then not.

This was for me an in-depth look at how one man views the world, and it was incredible. This book for me so far has been the one that I have gotten the most out of, and have enjoyed the most. It is his thoughts, memories, and philosophy that made the book enjoyable.

There was not a lot in here on the culture of Japan, but that is ok. Reading and seeing someone’s mind open like that is an mazing thing. I would like to think that if Mr. Murakami and I were to meet we might become friends.

One of the things that I have done when I read is keep a quote journal. I actually have two now, one for this reading adventure, and one for everyday reading. Each page in my read around the world journal is to be dedicated to one book. Not only quotes go on this page but feeling, responses and thoughts. So that when I have the time to sit down and blog about the book. I can go back and look at my notes. This book just on quotes took up a page and a quarter. It was just that good.


“No matter how long you stand there examining yourself naked before a mirror, you’ll never see reflected what’s inside.”

“This takes time of course, but sometimes taking time is actually a short cut.”

“Emotional hurt is the price a person has to pay in order to be independent.”